Book release

Book release April 18th 2024

1st Edition By Andreas Sonning Copyright 2024

Creative Concert Production and Entrepreneurship: Concert Dramaturgy and Project Development for the Performing Arts
 offers a conceptual and applied introduction to the musical and dramaturgical challenges involved in developing and producing concerts. Drawing from over three decades of real-world experience and a range of international case studies, the author explores new models for cooperation between artists, cultural institutions, governments, and businesses, arguing for the importance of rooting the concert production process in artistic and ethical values. The book presents essential knowledge and techniques to meet the demand for music and stage performances across genres, arenas, formats, and distribution channels. Relevant to a wide range of students and professionals in music and the performing arts, Creative Concert Production and Entrepreneurship marries theory with practice, providing a framework for readers to develop the creative entrepreneurial practices essential for success in today’s music industry.

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“A fascinating and in-depth guide into a performance stage production, written by an author who has spent a lifetime in the industry” Nick Long, former head of the School for Fine Art, Graphic Design and Fashion, Solent University, Southampton.

«This is to express my conviction that Andreas Sonning’s authoritative, comprehensive, and inspiring book on Creative Consert Production and Entrepreneurship is of the higest relevance for the general music world, and especially so for our faculity and students in art, resarch and education.»
Professor Dr. Johannes Meissl, Vice Rector for International Affairs and Art, Vienna, Austria

«Artistic Citizenship requires knowledge and skills from Performing and Creative artists to make stage production relevant to contemporary societies. Professor Sønning’s authoritative book provides a unique combination of proven tools for creating value-based stage content in productions across genres and target groups. This book helps students and the cultural sector to develop their creative potential and find partners and jobs across societal sectors.»
Keld Hosbond, Principal, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark

“Sønning´s book contains crucial interdisciplinary content, not found anywhere else. It is a guide to making supplementary competence teams between the creative and management sides of stage productions. Through Erasmus networks, I have seen the great benefit for business, management, visual art, graphic design, media, and music students combined.”
Prof. Dr Markus Raueiser, CBS Cologne, Germany

«I write this missive to underscore the significance of Andreas Sønning’s inspiring publication, «Creative Concert Production and Entrepreneurship.» This book compiles knowledge from 30 years of experience in the music industry, featuring renowned productions that transcend the musical realm by incorporating various disciplines, techniques, and humanities.
Drawing from my experience in creative industries and university teaching, I can attest to the transformative and interdisciplinary power of cultural projects. Publications like Sønning’s can be pivotal for developing future cultural proposals capable of crossing borders and creating social change and impact.
Based on everything described, I want to emphasize how useful and essential it would be to have this book translated into Spanish to make its content accessible in Spain and, of course, to all countries in Latin America. I am convinced that the translated version of this book will transcend new borders and bring Sonning’s experience and knowledge to a vast new audience.»
Prof. Álvaro Sanchis Gandia, Universitat Politècnica de València, València, Spain

«Allow me to address you to convey my sincere appreciation for the magnificent contribution of Mr. Andreas Sønning in his publication “Creative Concert Production and Entrepreneurship”. The experience compiled in this book is of great interest not only to the professional field of music but also to professionals in visual arts, design, and graphic communication due to the interdisciplinary nature of his projects.
From my experience as a lecturer in the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Creative Technologies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, I have witnessed the importance of interdisciplinary work in the development of cultural projects with significant and innovative results. Research in this field opens up horizons with many future possibilities, and therefore, from the university, we must provide research teams and students with as many resources as possible. Although some studies are conducted in English at my university, the vast majority of them are carried out in Spanish. Therefore, I would like to convey to you that it would be very useful to have the translation of Mr. Andreas Sønning’s publication in our language. Furthermore, I am convinced that this translation would be beneficial for other institutions in Spain and Latin America, where cultural industries play a very relevant role.»
Prof. Melani Lleonart García, Universitat Politècnica de València, València, Spain